Welcome. Bienvenue. ようこそ

I’m Wendy, a travel nurse currently working and living in Phoenix, Arizona (living in Scottsdale if we’re being precise).

This blog is where I write about my travel experiences & post photos for my family & friends (& followers… maybe? someday?) to enjoy; as well as where I share details of my life –  i.e. personal stories, opinions, inspirations, book reviews, & thoughts on various topics.

Lately, since I’m not traveling as much as before (see my #fixfinances plan and progress) most posts relate to thoughts on my ongoing struggle to overcome negative self-talk and mentally harmful coping mechanisms, how I’m working to actualize my potential,  my progress in finding new ways to be emotionally content with the everyday, and my journey in breaking my habit loops to transform myself into someone with self-confidence and grit – becoming my most genuine self.

These posts aren’t intended for anyone but myself – a collection and reflection of myself & my life – but if they educate or inspire someone else, that’s wonderful.

 Posts are organized by category, just click the links in the header of whichever subject you’d like to read, or to just read whatever is most recent (all posts, all categories, in reverse chronological order) click “Blog”.

Thanks for coming.