Today I’ve been reflecting on my life. I’m 25 years old & I am the luckiest person on Earth. I have everything anyone could ever ask for from life and today I’m feeling extra grateful for everything and everyone who has made my existence what it is. I’ve traveled & experienced some of mankind’s most magnificent art, food and culture & met so many wonderful people throughout my life’s journey. I am educated formally and through experiences, I’m healthy, have the most fun and loving family, friends from all over the world & I want for nothing.

There are so many people on this Earth who suffer, who are sick, who are truly alone, who have less or who have nothing, and often times it’s not their fault, it’s just the cards they were dealt by the universe.

I am so grateful for my hand today.

Aren’t we all so lucky? When you have a free moment to pause from moving forward, take some time to look around at everything you have. It’s so easy to focus on what’s coming next & to forget to appreciate right now. Look how far you’ve come. Look at everything you own & everything you get to appreciate. Look at everything you’ve created and think of everything you’ve experienced in your life up to today. Think of all the power you have to influence the happiness of the people around you…how significant your existence is to this world and to the people who love you.


Can you believe this miracle existence is ours?


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