California Roadtrip with Dad

Dad came to visit and we went on a surprise long-weekend roadtrip to California. Day 1 we drove from Phoenix to San Diego and explored Coronado Island and the gas lamp district of San Diego. Day 2 we drove up the entire coast all the way past Santa Monica; we saw La Jolla, Leguna Beach and all the other major coast towns. We’d planned to go to Sequoia which turned out to be impossible due to weather so the drive was a little longer than planned (11 hours!) but it was still fun; we stayed in Buttonwillow. Day 3 we drove from Buttonwillow on a really scenic mountain drive to Joshua Tree National Park and spent the evening exploring it. We had dinner at the saloon and chatted with a local guy named Scott before crashing in the hotel and watching the women’s solo Olympic figure skating competition. Day 4 we headed out early, drove through the entire park and got home around 3pm. It was a fun spur of the moment trip and we had a great time!

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