#FixFinances Progress


a few major hickups and also some successes.  I’ve been doing decently with the shopping ban except for the past two weeks. I’ve bought some plants and food at work and like the complete irresponsible asshole that I am split a cheap RV from offerup with Hunter which cost me $750….  I know. You don’t even have to say anything, I’m disappointed and embarrassed  enough for the two of us.

Anyway, some good progress.  So last week I had enough cash available to pay my credit down to $8000, which is $500 more than my original goal of $9500 by August first but not quite as loftly as my last post’s goal of $7500 since I was cancelled several times and also wasted money like a fool – see above- . So I had that money available but I decided rather than drop a big some of cash on the card at the end of the month to do something more responsible – pay all my bills. So instead of using the $3000ish I had available to drop my balance I paid all of August’s bills instead.

That being said, I’m pretty excited for the rest of the month. It sucks on August 1st I couldn’t post that my card was at $9500 like I wanted it (it’s at $10,400) and that last weeks five-in-a-row work week turned into a three in a row with no overtime (not cool but also was a nice break) – BUT since I don’t have any bills for the entire month (except my cell phone and $300 of utilities Hunter will be splitting with me) the rest of my pay checks can be used stress-free to pay the debts down.

One of my new mantras for this debt pay off is “assume no overtime”. I’m going to plan this pay off with the assumption that I’ll be cancelled for every overtime shift and only get my normal rate 3-a-week shifts. That way my goals will be realistic and not depending on circumstances out of my control. I also really liked having the money for all the bills on the first of the month rather than having to depend on checks week-to-week. So for my next 4 checks the plan is to split them in half 650/650 and put half to debt and half to save for bills – any overtime will go directly to the debt – and at the end of the month if I have more I can put to the debt after bills then so be it. The shopping ban will continue full force and we will see how it goes.  Math wise it’s looking like this:

Current Balance $10,400

Income during August: $1250 (3 shift) x 4 weeks = $5000/2 = $2500 to credit card, $2500 for bills.
$10,400 – $2500 = $7900 – $1000 (emergency fund turned debt repayment) = $6900.

My original goal was $9500 by August and $7500 by September. So if I can be at $6900 by September 1st I’ll be pretty damn pleased.

& while I’m mentally repeating “Assume No Overtime” I know that with a few OT shifts I can bring it down even more.  I just need to stay focused, and I will. Wish me luck.

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