Boredom #1

Today has been a particularly boring day. I’m not angry about it – usually when I sit around bored for too long I’m irritable – but I just wish I felt more motivated to occupy myself with something productive, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it. So instead I decided to jump on here and make a list of things I want to do; things I could be doing instead of wallowing in boredom.

  1. Go to the gym and work on getting back into running.
    • Remember when you used to run a 5k after school everyday in 7th and 8th grade? You never wanted to go to practice but you did because your friends went and then you’d be running in the woods and feel good and enjoy the experience? Wouldn’t it be nice to be part of that again? You know you’d feel really proud if you were someone who just made that part of your routine. Plus, your body would be kickin.


  2. Try the INSANITY workout program again.
    • Those two weeks you went everyday before work and did the workout were amazing. They were really hard but you felt more productive at work and were proud of yourself. Your body responded really quickly for just 14 days and it was more mentally tough than physically tough – you can do those workouts. The pushup parts are hard, but as long as you try and do the best you can do you’ll still see the results even if you can’t do that many reps.
  3. Learn to play the piano
    • You already know how to read Bass and Treble Cleff and you used to be awesome at playing music! You couldn’t improv to save your life but you know if you learned to play efficiently on the piano that you could pick up any song and that’d be an amazing skill you could enjoy for the rest of your life – not to mention Hunter loves music and that could be something really cool for the both of you to do together. He could play guitar and sing and you could play piano.
  4. Learn to draw better.
    • d696c76e615c84aeb99a23afbd3645deYou used to like drawing, especially doodling with pens. You already have the pens. Maybe you could take a class at the art school or even just watch some youtube videos. The more you do it the better you’ll get and you’re already not that bad – you just don’t have the confidence and give up too fast when it doesn’t come out perfectly. What if you could start drawing and put them on IG and turn it into something cool?
  5. Learn to paint watercolors.
    • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow awesome would it be if you could just pack up your pens and paints, hike out into the desert and spend the afternoon creating an amazing desertscape!? Maybe you could get good enough that you could sell them online in an Etsy shop – even if it never turned into anything that sounds like a way coolor afternoon than sitting at home doing nothing. Maybe you could incorporate everything you want to do into one big weekend – Take your van out somewhere cool, go trail running!, find an awesome view from your run and grab your art stuff and head back over to that spot, create and awesome painting and then camp out and paddleboard the rest of the weekend!
  6. Learn to speak Spanish.
    • You already know the basics, you just need someone to talk to and refresh your skills. Maybe you could get rosetta stone up and running again and really learn it this time. It’d be really helpful at work and for traveling.
  7. Start scrapbooking
    You’ve always loved cutting up magazines and making collages. Once you start drawing again how cool would it be to print out your best photos and make a cool spread with drawings you did on the same trip? It doesn’t have to be perfect to be fun.
  8. Learn to use the adobe premier pro video editing software.
    • You. Hunter. GoPros. Epic videos to remember your adventures. You loved doing it for the Cape May family vacation that year. If your computer ran smoother you’d have done it for the South of France trip too. Once you can upgrade your computer you HAVE to learn that software. It’s so cool and not really all that complicated. Maybe you could make a youtube channel and share some of the fun desert stuff you do.
  9.  Go Rock Climbing.
    • You’re literally dating Hunter because you matched him because of his rock climbing pics and how many times have you gone out? How many times have you encouraged the two of you to go out and actually do it? Never. If you really want to get into it you have to do it – Hunter isn’t going to push you to accomplish anything, he’ll support you (sometimes) but he won’t be the driving force to get you to do the things you want to do. You have to be that force for yourself, and maybe for him sometimes too.
  10.  Learn to braid your hair
    • 56c310e62534d56ebabff85a0874d713You have AMAZING hair. It’s long and thick and holds whatever style you put it in – why do you wear a grandma bun to work!? You should be on youtube watching these chicks do fishtails and french braids and twists and whatever else looks cool and you should learn to do it too. You can. If anyone else can braid hair, you can braid hair. It’s just practice and muscle memory. How much better would you feel if you didn’t have to hide your wavy fluff hair on those days where you don’t feel up to curling or straightening? You could just put it in this sweet dutch braid twist bun combo and go out looking and feeling good. It’s worth the time to learn it. Plus, someday, when you have a little girl you can show her and then she won’t have to struggle with her floof the same way.
  11. Learn to use your camera better
    • You have a nice camera and a lot of free time. Why haven’t you learned how to use it to it’s full potential? If you understood how to use it better you could get amazing shots, make your IG and your scrapbook awesome and it’d be a greatvop_14 hobby. Plus Hunter loves photography too, you both could do that together and it’d be really fun. Maybe you could get into bird watching and start traveling to different national parks and photographing the different birds. You already got that winner at Veteran’s Oasis Park.
  12.  Learn to Garden
    • You love your plants but you don’t really know how to keep them alive. I bet it wouldn’t take a lot of work to learn how and wouldn’t it be cool to make those succulent terrariums you see on pinterest and actually have them live and flourish? They’d make your house look so cool and maybe you could end up selling them once you get really good at the set up!

None of these photos are my own except the bird. All from pinterest.

That’s it for now. Back to wishing I had the motivation to do those things.

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