January 11th

Lots of good things today! I went to my jeweler making class and it was SO fun! I used a jeweler saw and cut out two pairs of earrings, filed them, textured the metal with a hammer, sanded the with sand paper and some sanding drill bits and then I used a blow torch to patina the front. I’m so happy with them! The teacher’s name is Cher and she’s very nice and approachable. I got a text on the drive home that they were offering bonus for the next four nights so I decided to bite the bullet and work them. This way I’ll have three shifts this week with two of them being nights+weekend differential & next week will be 5 shifts – Sunday& Monday night, off Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday day shift, off Friday and on Saturday. Right before my class started I got a call from Air methods that said as long as my criminal background check comes back clear I should be able to start January 20th even if the W2’s aren’t back so it looks like I’ll be starting next week! I can’t believe it. It’s just one of those things that everything is going so great and smooth I feel like everything i just to good to be true right now and it makes me nervous BUT I’m gonna not let anxiety get the best of me. I’m gonna just celebrate all the amazing things happening right now and be grateful.

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