#fixfinances progress report

So… fell off the wagon a smidge – but it’s ok! Hunter and I had an amazing trip to Japan that we definitely couldn’t afford. Typical Wendy self sabotage, so we’re back to having some debts.

As of now I owe $7000 on an interest accruing card (vacation & camera for me and Mr.T) and just about $5300 on the non-interest card.

I’m disappointed in myself for using the credit card for our vacation but I can’t dwell on it. What I can do is focus on is making the best choices from this moment on to get it paid down fast. Here’s how it’s going:

First, more than half of the interest accruing debt is Hunter’s, so it helps to know I’m not paying it down alone. I charged a camera for him to bring on vacation and half the vacation costs are his since we’re splitting 50/50. I just need to be mindful about keeping track of his payments because historically I’ve been not so good at that.

Secondly, Hunter and I made an awesome financial decision and moved out of that house in Scottsdale and now we don’t have a rent payment! That’s $1650 more in our pockets every month (Making Dave Ramsey proud). We’re living in my parent’s rental for free for the next year (at least) and even though we’re driving more and spending more on gas, overall it’s a nicer home and we’re spending less by not having the rent payment.

Lastly, I’ve started cooking for myself! I’ve decided I’m going to do some major overhaul on my lifestyle over the next six months with the goal of setting myself up for healthier happier 30’s. I’ll be posting about all of that when I’m done with this post, but the point is I’ve made it a habit to stop at the grocery store on my way home from Payson, so that’s twice a week, and to pick up snacks and food Hunter and I can prep together. Our new place has an awesome layout for cooking and being able to watch shows/listen to music from the living room so we’ve been enjoying being in the kitchen a lot more.

Anyway, progress report is some ups and some downs. I wanted to be further along by now but it’s not always going to be a straight line to the finish.

My new goal is to have NO CREDIT CARD DEBT BY MY 29TH BIRTHDAY. I’ll need to pay off between $2000 and $2500 each month to make that happen (with Hunter’s help). My plan is to use all my money from working at the hospital (about $400-$450 per shift, 6 shifts a month) towards the debt. My checks from Payson are enough to cover my bills and daily expenses so I should be able to put all the hospital money towards the debt without issue, not to mention I’ll have Hunter helping too, and no rent. I can do this. I’m also re-listening to all my minimalist literature to re-inspire me to cut out the unnecessary spending and focus on getting myself where I want to be.

That’s all for now.

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