October 5th; November 24th; 2020

Update on Goal progress & some new thoughts for the new year

1. Be The Hero – In Progress

I need to work harder on this. Listening to Can’t Hurt Me & Atomic Habits again inspired me to try incorporating some positive thinking/mantras into my routine to help make an identity adjustment. As well as to list out some of the things I won’t tolerate from myself. Here’s some I’ve thought of so far.

              • I keep promises to myself.
              • I can count on myself to do the things I say I will do.
              • I care about my health and wellness.
              • I deserve to have good self esteem.
              • I deserve to be happy with myself.
              • I deserve to be proud of myself.
              • I won’t let negative self talk or laziness stop me from doing the harder thing.
              • People like me.
              • Be the Hero: I will be the best version of myself, the hero, what would she do in this situation? Do That.

2. Complete 80-Day Obsession – Goal Not Met – No longer relevant

I did not complete 80-Day obsession. I did 40+ days but when I took two days off to do a tough mudder race in Payson I never restarted. Truthfully I don’t feel very disappointed over this. Had I finished, it would have been more of a feat of mental fortitude than one of physical change, and while that’s valuable I wanted to complete a program to improve my physique and fitness level. 80-day-obsession didn’t have the intensity I’d need at my level of fitness for that to happen.

3. Stay off Facebook  GOAL MET

I did stay off facebook until the week of my birthday. When I went back on I really didn’t feel very attached or entertained by it. I’m going to do a post of photos from the past 6 months and then give it up again for another 6 months in January. I don’t see any point in continuing to use it when I know all it does is waste time; now that I’ve been 6 months without it I feel confident I won’t miss it. My goal was to stay off until my birthday and I did. Consider this goal met.

4. Pay off Credit Card Debt – In Progress: 1/3 Complete

I paid off my Barclay card! I’ve got two cards left, both on 0% interest promotions. I also paid off my Honda Fit, if I hadn’t mentioned that already. It hasn’t been easy, and I haven’t been perfect (at all) but I’m starting to feel some momentum behind me. I decided to go back to travel nursing in 2020; I’m already submitted for a position that starts January 21st in Northern California that would pay me enough in 6 months to pay off all my debts. Fingers crossed I get the position. I should be hearing back in a few weeks. Also, I will not use my Barclay card for purchases anymore, only for emergencies.

5. Complete Insanity – In Progress

I haven’t completed Insanity, but I did decide to give it another try. I completed my fit test yesterday and my first workout today. This program is nothing but a test in mental fortitude. The workouts are hard, no question, but they are definitely at my level. This is the intensity I need to get the changes I want. So I’m starting again. This time I will finish it. No excuses, not quitting because I miss one day or get sick. This time I’m doing it.

6. Cook – In Progress

I haven’t cooked very much, but I’m trying to cut meat out of my diet for a trial period. I’m still eating eggs and some dairy. I’m going to start experimenting with whole-food meals I’d be able to cook on the road/on a camp stove because eventually that will be the set up I have available. I did make several attempts at cooking/meal prepping the past few months so I should give myself some credit for those attempts. I just need more consistency. Ideally I should be grocery shopping 3x a week, small shops just for what we need for the next 48-72 hours. That’s how it will be when we’re on the road.

7. Get CFRN Certified – GOAL MET

I am officially CFRN certified as of August! I passed my first attempt. Consider this goal successfully met!

8. Get 10% Better – In Progress

I did not put this into practice but now that I”m re-reading it and re-focusing on my goals with 2020 in sight I agree that this should be a priority and something I actively work towards daily.

On October 5th I was driving to work and decided I wanted to write a book about my life. Not the life I have now, but the life I will have. I decided October 5th I need to make my life so full, unique, interesting and fun that it would be a story worth writing about. So today, November 24th, I want to re-focus and start actively working to create that story life and to transform myself into the version of me I’d be proud to present to the world. Less than a week ago I turned 29. 2020 is a big year for me. A new decade and the end of my 20s. I’ve spent the past 10 years growing up, learning a lot about who I am, but I’m still lost. I still don’t have principles and passions that guide me through my day to day life. I still re-live the same day over and over, and I just don’t want that anymore. I need to create the drive, grit and mental fortitude within myself to start making the small changes that will help me snowball into the person I know I can be.

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