Twenty Goals for 2020

Here are 20 New Years (New Decade) Resolutions

1. Reach 130lbs by my 30th birthday (46 weeks to lose 30 lbs)

2. Pay off $20,020 of debt (less than $400 a week)

3. Complete the 52 hike challenge (outdoor nature walks count too!)

4. Finish 52 books

5. Attend a 10-day silent meditation retreat & start my own practice

6. Complete 20 pieces of art

7. Make & publish 20 YouTube videos

8. Learn to be comfortable being alone

9. Make 12 pieces of jewelry

10. Finish basic van build & spend at least 20 overnights in the Pearl

11. Go 20 days without using my smart phone (in a row, use an ol’ fashion prepaid phone to call people)

12. Practice Minimalism

13. Do something outdoors 3 days a week (even if it means sitting outside on the iPad!)

14. Be confident & prioritize myself, while still being compassionate

15. Check something off my 2020 decade bucket list (international or domestic)

16. Take 20 classes on Skillshare

17. Journal (daily ideal – weekly minimum)

18. Establish a WakeUp routine and a SleepyTime Routine

19. Run 52 Runs

20. Be Present & Grateful

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