Twenty Goals for 2020

Here are 20 New Years (New Decade) Resolutions

1. Reach 130lbs by my 30th birthday (46 weeks to lose 30 lbs)

2. Pay off $20,020 of debt (less than $400 a week)

3. Complete the 52 hike challenge (outdoor nature walks count too!)

4. Finish 52 books

5. Attend a 10-day silent meditation retreat & start my own practice

6. Complete 20 pieces of art

7. Make & publish 20 YouTube videos

8. Learn to be comfortable being alone

9. Make 12 pieces of jewelry

10. Finish basic van build & spend at least 20 overnights in the Pearl

11. Go 20 days without using my smart phone (in a row, use an ol’ fashion prepaid phone to call people)

12. Practice Minimalism

13. Do something outdoors 3 days a week (even if it means sitting outside on the iPad!)

14. Be confident & prioritize myself, while still being compassionate

15. Check something off my 2020 decade bucket list (international or domestic)

16. Take 20 classes on Skillshare

17. Journal (daily ideal – weekly minimum)

18. Establish a WakeUp routine and a SleepyTime Routine

19. Run 52 Runs

20. Be Present & Grateful

October 5th; November 24th; 2020

Update on Goal progress & some new thoughts for the new year

1. Be The Hero – In Progress

I need to work harder on this. Listening to Can’t Hurt Me & Atomic Habits again inspired me to try incorporating some positive thinking/mantras into my routine to help make an identity adjustment. As well as to list out some of the things I won’t tolerate from myself. Here’s some I’ve thought of so far.

              • I keep promises to myself.
              • I can count on myself to do the things I say I will do.
              • I care about my health and wellness.
              • I deserve to have good self esteem.
              • I deserve to be happy with myself.
              • I deserve to be proud of myself.
              • I won’t let negative self talk or laziness stop me from doing the harder thing.
              • People like me.
              • Be the Hero: I will be the best version of myself, the hero, what would she do in this situation? Do That.

2. Complete 80-Day Obsession – Goal Not Met – No longer relevant

I did not complete 80-Day obsession. I did 40+ days but when I took two days off to do a tough mudder race in Payson I never restarted. Truthfully I don’t feel very disappointed over this. Had I finished, it would have been more of a feat of mental fortitude than one of physical change, and while that’s valuable I wanted to complete a program to improve my physique and fitness level. 80-day-obsession didn’t have the intensity I’d need at my level of fitness for that to happen.

3. Stay off Facebook  GOAL MET

I did stay off facebook until the week of my birthday. When I went back on I really didn’t feel very attached or entertained by it. I’m going to do a post of photos from the past 6 months and then give it up again for another 6 months in January. I don’t see any point in continuing to use it when I know all it does is waste time; now that I’ve been 6 months without it I feel confident I won’t miss it. My goal was to stay off until my birthday and I did. Consider this goal met.

4. Pay off Credit Card Debt – In Progress: 1/3 Complete

I paid off my Barclay card! I’ve got two cards left, both on 0% interest promotions. I also paid off my Honda Fit, if I hadn’t mentioned that already. It hasn’t been easy, and I haven’t been perfect (at all) but I’m starting to feel some momentum behind me. I decided to go back to travel nursing in 2020; I’m already submitted for a position that starts January 21st in Northern California that would pay me enough in 6 months to pay off all my debts. Fingers crossed I get the position. I should be hearing back in a few weeks. Also, I will not use my Barclay card for purchases anymore, only for emergencies.

5. Complete Insanity – In Progress

I haven’t completed Insanity, but I did decide to give it another try. I completed my fit test yesterday and my first workout today. This program is nothing but a test in mental fortitude. The workouts are hard, no question, but they are definitely at my level. This is the intensity I need to get the changes I want. So I’m starting again. This time I will finish it. No excuses, not quitting because I miss one day or get sick. This time I’m doing it.

6. Cook – In Progress

I haven’t cooked very much, but I’m trying to cut meat out of my diet for a trial period. I’m still eating eggs and some dairy. I’m going to start experimenting with whole-food meals I’d be able to cook on the road/on a camp stove because eventually that will be the set up I have available. I did make several attempts at cooking/meal prepping the past few months so I should give myself some credit for those attempts. I just need more consistency. Ideally I should be grocery shopping 3x a week, small shops just for what we need for the next 48-72 hours. That’s how it will be when we’re on the road.

7. Get CFRN Certified – GOAL MET

I am officially CFRN certified as of August! I passed my first attempt. Consider this goal successfully met!

8. Get 10% Better – In Progress

I did not put this into practice but now that I”m re-reading it and re-focusing on my goals with 2020 in sight I agree that this should be a priority and something I actively work towards daily.

On October 5th I was driving to work and decided I wanted to write a book about my life. Not the life I have now, but the life I will have. I decided October 5th I need to make my life so full, unique, interesting and fun that it would be a story worth writing about. So today, November 24th, I want to re-focus and start actively working to create that story life and to transform myself into the version of me I’d be proud to present to the world. Less than a week ago I turned 29. 2020 is a big year for me. A new decade and the end of my 20s. I’ve spent the past 10 years growing up, learning a lot about who I am, but I’m still lost. I still don’t have principles and passions that guide me through my day to day life. I still re-live the same day over and over, and I just don’t want that anymore. I need to create the drive, grit and mental fortitude within myself to start making the small changes that will help me snowball into the person I know I can be.


In just under 6 months I’ll be turning 29; I have a year and a half before I say goodbye to my 20’s forever. It’s been an amazing 8 and a half years. I became an RN and have had every professional development of my career thus far in my 20’s. I got an associates degree. I got a bachelors degree. I’ve been in love and had my heart broken several times with different people, all of whom I’m grateful for for everything they taught me and helped me experience. I bought a new car, I became a home owner. I ended a relationship with someone I’d dreamed of being with since I was 17. I had unexplained hives for a year and went through the most emotionally challenging experience of my life in the fall of 2016. I’ve grown up so much. I met Hunter. I’ve read amazing books and had new experiences that have changed the way I feel and think about so many things…. but I can’t really say I’ve taken good care of myself.

I’ve barely ever cooked my own meals. I started drinking alcohol on a regular basis. I reached my heaviest weight of 160 lbs. I gave up all regular physical activities. I haven’t made a ton of meaningful relationships outside of boyfriends and I’ve spent an unbelievably unhealthy amount of time on Facebook. I’ve gotten myself into a financial mess and at different points have barely been able to keep my head above water.

I don’t want to start my 30’s that way.

I know I have the ability to control most aspects of my life that I’m unhappy with. I know my laziness and complacency are responsible for most, if not all, of the suffering in my life. I know I tell myself over and over again that I want to be this way or that way but then never put any consistent time or effort into changing.

That has to stop. I have to give a fuck enough about myself to not just slip into mediocrity. Nothing is going to just get better, I’m not going to just get better, I’m going to get worse. Everything will only get worse and worse if I sit passively by and never do the hard things.

With all that in mind, here are my goals for the next six months. I’ve already started on some.


  1. Be The Hero – Don’t define myself by my past failures. What would the hero of my life’s movie do now? Do That.
  2. Complete 80-Day Obsession – I have one more workout left in Phase 1 and then I’m already a third of the way through the program. I’ve never stuck with something this long before, and nobody has been helping me, I’ve just been self motivating and doing it even when I don’t want to. I’ll be done the first Saturday of August.
  3. Stay off Facebook – I’m quitting Facebook until my birthday. I spend too much time on it and can 100% say I’m addicted to it and use it to fill up my spare time instead of being productive. There are too many things I want to do and learn to waste any more of my time there anymore.
  4. Pay off Credit Card Debt – see my #fixfinances progress post for more details.
  5. Complete Insanity – When I first started 80 Day Obsession my roommate Carissa originally said she would do it with me and I said “Hey, when we’re done 80 day obsession we’ll be used to working out every day and we’ll have a much better baseline fitness level, we should take a week off and then start Insanity”. She was down but then ended up not doing the 80 day program with me much at all. Now that I’m a third of the way through the 80 day’s I’ve been thinking about it and I don’t see why I shouldn’t stick with that plan. If I can work out for an hour each day, 6 days a week for 80 days, I can work out for an hour each day, 7 days a week, for 60 days. Plus I’ve done the first 3 weeks of Insanity before, I know that program. I can do it. It’s all about will power.
  6. Cook – if I’m going to have the healthy lifestyle I want and to be in control of what I consume I have to cook. Since I won’t be wasting so much time on facebook now I can spend more time meal prepping and trying different recipes. I know that will make Hunter really happy too.
  7. Get CFRN Certified – I’m smarter than I give myself credit for. I know I can get this certification and it’s required by my job (as of now… maybe not soon though…we’ll see I guess), but it does nothing but make me look better and I already have the materials. Less time scrolling, more time being better at my profession.
  8. Get 10% Better – All I’ve seen on workout sites and IG’s is people posting “a one hour workout is only about 4% of your entire day!!!”. I think I deserve to spend at least 10% of my day on myself. I can spend 90% doing whatever else I have to do, but 10% of my day should be for making myself better. 10% becoming stronger, smarter, happier, healthier, etc. So if I spend an hour working out, I should spend an hour and a half practicing a new skill,cooking, drawing, painting, climbing, learning braids, studying for CFRN, meditating, meal prepping, listening to educational material, making jewelery, taking a skillshare class, going to yoga, lifting in the garage, stretching in the sauna, etc.  Be 10% better each day.

I’m sure I’ll think of more, but for now that’s enough to start on. 172 days until 29. Let’s see what I can do.


Today’s progress.

1.  Set goals for myself to focus on & made a plan. Decided I’m not wasting my life on Facebook anymore.

2. Completed day 25.

3.  Did my last post on Facebook until November, stating my intentions and goals.

4. Made a $1300 payment to my credit card.

5.  **pending**

6.  Stopped at Safeway and got ingredients to try a new recipe for dinner and food for the week.

7. Started studying yesterday – will do some questions today after the gym.

8. Spent 1 hour working out at home and am going to meet Hunter at the gym for my first two-a-day! I’ll also be trying a new recipe tonight – cauliflower rice & mushroom risotto with steak and scallops in a jalapeno bourbon cream sauce.

#fixfinances progress report

So… fell off the wagon a smidge – but it’s ok! Hunter and I had an amazing trip to Japan that we definitely couldn’t afford. Typical Wendy self sabotage, so we’re back to having some debts.

As of now I owe $7000 on an interest accruing card (vacation & camera for me and Mr.T) and just about $5300 on the non-interest card.

I’m disappointed in myself for using the credit card for our vacation but I can’t dwell on it. What I can do is focus on is making the best choices from this moment on to get it paid down fast. Here’s how it’s going:

First, more than half of the interest accruing debt is Hunter’s, so it helps to know I’m not paying it down alone. I charged a camera for him to bring on vacation and half the vacation costs are his since we’re splitting 50/50. I just need to be mindful about keeping track of his payments because historically I’ve been not so good at that.

Secondly, Hunter and I made an awesome financial decision and moved out of that house in Scottsdale and now we don’t have a rent payment! That’s $1650 more in our pockets every month (Making Dave Ramsey proud). We’re living in my parent’s rental for free for the next year (at least) and even though we’re driving more and spending more on gas, overall it’s a nicer home and we’re spending less by not having the rent payment.

Lastly, I’ve started cooking for myself! I’ve decided I’m going to do some major overhaul on my lifestyle over the next six months with the goal of setting myself up for healthier happier 30’s. I’ll be posting about all of that when I’m done with this post, but the point is I’ve made it a habit to stop at the grocery store on my way home from Payson, so that’s twice a week, and to pick up snacks and food Hunter and I can prep together. Our new place has an awesome layout for cooking and being able to watch shows/listen to music from the living room so we’ve been enjoying being in the kitchen a lot more.

Anyway, progress report is some ups and some downs. I wanted to be further along by now but it’s not always going to be a straight line to the finish.

My new goal is to have NO CREDIT CARD DEBT BY MY 29TH BIRTHDAY. I’ll need to pay off between $2000 and $2500 each month to make that happen (with Hunter’s help). My plan is to use all my money from working at the hospital (about $400-$450 per shift, 6 shifts a month) towards the debt. My checks from Payson are enough to cover my bills and daily expenses so I should be able to put all the hospital money towards the debt without issue, not to mention I’ll have Hunter helping too, and no rent. I can do this. I’m also re-listening to all my minimalist literature to re-inspire me to cut out the unnecessary spending and focus on getting myself where I want to be.

That’s all for now.

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