Total Money Makeover!

My customized plan for getting out of debt based on “The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey – because I definitely need one.

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Shopping Ban – Rules & Regs

Based off of Cait Flanders book “The Year of Less” I’ve designed my own shopping ban experiment to be run from 6/20/2018 until 1/1/2019 with the hopes of saving money by spending less, develop healthier financial habits, embracing a more minimalist lifestyle & improving my style by learning to prioritize spending money only on items I really love and/or need. I’m going to blog about it here on my site under the #FixFinances tab because historically I’ve never held myself accountable and having this experience all in writing will help me do that.

Start date 6/20/2018
Confidence I’ll complete this experiment successfully: 60%

-still in development-

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My 6 month plan to repair my financial health!

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